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“It has been an absolute joy working with Hayley, she provided a tailored workout routine to fit my schedule and objectives. Very supportive and always pushing me to exceed my limits. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Watler

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"Hayley, I could thank you for so many things, but I want to specifically thank you for your contemporary class. That style of dance has always been my favorite way of movement but not being a proper technical dancer, has limited me to move "correctly" in a lyrical/modern/contemporary class. However, your class gave the perfect mix of structure and freedom of movement with the ability to feel the music how I felt it and move the way I needed. You make me feel strong, powerful and beautiful in every class. It's the class I look forward to every week! I cannot wait to continue this class next year with you."

Michelle Ogenstein

Image by David Hofmann
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"I have been training with Hayley for four months, and in that time she has totally transformed my approach to exercise and diet. I have not only met my weightloss goals, but I have also enjoyed seeing the changes of my body, becoming stronger, fitter, and happier as a result. Hayley is an inspiration, and keeps me motivated in every session - she has a great ability to tailor each session to meet my energy levels and mentality every week. I truly feel that my sessions are personal, and I'm excited to see what else I can achieve with Hayley's instruction."

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"What sets Hayley apart is her ability to train you taking both body and mind into account. She considers the whole you during sessions devoted to your overall health, not just part of it. I genuinely feel in the best shape of my life. I'm blown away byt he muscle definition Hayley helped me achieve (something I've never had) but am most grateful for how I feel stronger, quicker and more energetic. It makes me a better Mom. I sit in the car differently and pick up my children more easily. I even walk in heels better. Hayley is exceptional at what she does."

Alicia Parry

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